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Sunday, September 13, 2015


ATTENTION CALIFORNIA LETS HAVE A HUGE SAVE WATER CONTEST FOR OUR STUDENTS.... I'm going to start this project in Fremont, CA this month at the facility I work at and some how work my magic to get the elementary school to get involved. I'm working on a project layout and hopefully we can get other schools involved.  Before summer I planned a save water poster project with my students I was very surprised to see that a lot of the students wanted to get involved as well as create a message through their art pieces. Their reaction was very inspiring to me and I promised them we'd do it again but this time I want to make it a more bigger and influential project  so I'll be reaching out to other schools, and some environmental groups to see if anyone wants to get involved. I'm also going to create a small web profile somewhere online for the project and link it to a kits save water kit (giving kids tips on how to be more conscious to our drought). This action is very important CALIFORNIA our kids need to know how serious the drought is they also need to know that they are HUGE contributors to water waste so we need to make kids understand that helping them understand is a solution in itself. This week we will be working on a save water public service announcement that I will use to introduce the project. These images below are from the first project we did before summer. I edit some of the kids work with text and we will also use these to invite other students and teachers in the school to participate in the project.   see treerivera.yolasite for more info and project description. Parents you can even do this at home or print these out and put them around your house to remind your children to NOT WASTE WATER.

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Hearts for Humanity.... The juggling art project :)- the video

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The CUUP Project 2011

A few months ago I started a new art project. I was really excited to manifest something that I had thought up a few years back while I was reading about landfills. I wanted to create a recycled art project that would show viewers mass amounts of disposable and discarded materials as a creative piece for civic exhibitions. This is the CUUP Project (Clean Up Urban Pollution) you can read more about this project on my portfolio site

Chillin Productions Holiday Show in SF, CA

San Francisco Ca Chillin Productions Art Show
Featured : GLOW CUP Dragon State Project 2012

(I've been working on getting glow cup in to an exhibition that has very dark lighting so we can see it GLOW really good :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Freedom Art Fest_MAMEA_Recycled Art Projects 2010, 2011 & 2012 Random Photos

Freedom Arts Festival Aptos, CA - Recycled Arts & Eco Arts projects from  Tree Rivera
Ocean Forest Project, Recycled Arts Community Projects


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The ALIEN photo I found through google web search I;m not sure who took it but I thought it was really cool and used it in a collage project-
The 4 piece project is a collage of random pictures I've taken as well as some I clipped from the internet and from magazines....
4X4 thick canvas acrylic and collage project-(titles: Fish Brain, String, Evespassage, Explore what sets you apart )

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Avant-Garde Movements.

Avant-garde (French pronunciation: [avɑ̃ɡaʁd]) means "advance guard" or "vanguard".[1] The adjective form is used in English, to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.

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